The Ultimate Guide to get Convection Microwave

Convection ovens often referred to as combination ovens. This multi-taskers of the cooking world are a benefit for those not having a lot of space in the kitchen. These ovens are portable for a studio apartment, caravan or holiday home, or for a place where you cannot keep the full-sized oven.

They can be a pro to full kitchens if you think you can use more than one oven while cooking up a feast.

In this buying guide, you would be learning everything you need to know before purchasing a convection microwave. You can read some of the Kitchenguyd reviews to get more information on it.

Pros and Cons of Convection Microwave

Let us first start with advantages and disadvantages of convection microwave.


• Convection microwave ovens are available with two appliances combined together into one. You can easily use it as a microwave, as an oven or in a combined form.
• These ovens can be very suitable, effective and fast, mainly for cooking foods such as pastries, roasts and pizza that needs high-temperature.
• It preheats very quickly, with oven temperatures up to 240°C.
• Probably the best one that can reheat quickly and also great for crisping pastry, melting and browning cheese toasts, and browning au gratins.
• Also convenient for the small family, they can cater for a roast or a large pizza. Some of the models are even available with two shelf positions for multiple shelf cooking.
• Convection microwaves are way more affordable than an oven so can be considered as a source of saving energy costs.


• Their smaller chambers as compared to an oven allow you to cook only one kind of food at a time.
• You need to clean the open chamber after every use because the grease or any baked on residue will be baked on with the next use and then it becomes difficult to remove. The convection ones also show the microwave cooking time as it cooks the residue as well as the considered food.
• Because most of the models have stainless steel interiors, it becomes difficult to clean. If you cook fatty foods in the convection oven that will splash onto the walls, which makes it even more difficult to remove.
• Since there is no bottom element, thus, only limited to browning and crisping of foods that need base cooking like pastry, pies and pizza. Some of the models are available with a crisp plate that is useful in browning and crisping the bottom of the food, but still, they cannot produce quality results like an oven with bottom element.


Built-in Models

• Every built-in model must have a trim kit and be installed by a professional.
• They can be unified within a kitchen to streamline with other unified appliances. Usually, they are installed in a 60mm wide chamber and sit flush with neighboring cupboard elements.
• Try not to have a rear wall behind the oven because this will lessen the air flow and stops ventilation and air intake outlets.
• Are suitable for smaller kitchens because they save on bench space.

Freestanding/ Benchtop

• These kinds of models can only be installed free-standing as you cannot place it in a cabinet.
• Should be kept on a stable flat surface so that it doesn’t make much noise and vibration.
• You should place them where heat and steam are generated like next to a conventional oven.
• Try to not to keep heavy items on the unit.
• Remember not to cover or block any of the vents at the back of the units, because this is where the hot air escapes, so doing so can result in overheating and malfunctioning.

Convection Microwave

Stone Board Tofu Recipe

This dish was supposed to be stone board cooked tofu, a Korean style spicy tofu dish. But I thought it wouldn’t be realistic for cooking at home. So, you can call this the Dawei style tofu. It is suitable for vegans, and also it is a low-fat vegetarian recipe.

I have also uploaded a video to this post, which shows you how you the cooking procedures and you will find the exact amount of ingredients in the text. If you have any doubts after watching the video you can contact us here.


  • 1tbsp-potato flour & 2 tbsp water to the mixture.
  • 1tsp sugar
  • 1tbsp crushed chili
  • 1tsp salt
  • 2 tbsp light ss
  • half tbsp DS
  • 2 spring onion
  • 3 Garlic Cloves
  • 1-2 thick slices of Ginger
  • Chopped coriander (optional)
  • 700G Tofu


Stir Fried Aubergine and Fine Beans

Hey, guys, This is one of the many Chinese vegetarian recipes I will upload on this blog, it is also a vegan recipe, try it at home, and if you like it, make a comment to help others to find this. If you have any doubt feel free to contact us here.

Aubergine and Fine Beans


  • 2 Garlic Cloves
  • 1 Medium sized aubergine
  • 10 Fine Beans
  • 2 slices of Ginger
  • Salt (optional if the vegetable stock is salty enough)
  • 1 cup Vegetable stock
  • 1 tbsp Potato flour for sauce
  • 1 tbsp Light soy sauce
  • 2 spring onions
  • 1 Medium Carrots (optional)
  • 1 teaspoon or less sugar
  • half pint of water

Prepare the ingredients

1. Cut fine beans into 1 inch in length, cover them in potato flour
2. Cut the aubergine into cubes
3. finely chop spring onions, garlic, and ginger slices
4. Mix the potato flour with water for later

Deep fry potato flour covered aubergine and fine beans separately.

Fry spring onions, garlic, and ginger with a small bit of oil in a wok

Add in half a pint of water, heat to boiling put in the cube of vegetable stock, make sure it is well mixed, now add in potato flour (mixed with water), stir it well before you add it into the wok, and stir. The sauce should be thickened by now.

Put both aubergines and fine beans in. Mix it up with the sauce for 1 or 2 minutes, dish it up and serve

Egg Free Stuffed potatoes

Stuffed Potato made with apple, onion, contains dairy, I have never tried to cook it with cheese, hmmm, maybe it is something worth to experiment.

Stuffed Potato


  • 6 large sized potatoes
  • 1 medium Spanish onion
  • 1 large apple
  • 1 oz butter
  • Half teaspoonful of allspice
  • 1 dessertspoonful of sugar
  • Ground pepper and salt to taste
  • and a cupful of breadcrumbs

Cooking Instruction

  1. Chop the onion and apple finely and stew them with the butter(No water), allspice, sugar, and seasoning.
  2. When quite tender sift in enough breadcrumbs to make a fairly stiff paste.
  3. Scoop the potatoes out as in the previous recipe
  4. Fill them with the mixture, tie, bake the potatoes till tender,
  5. Serve them with brown sauce and vegetables.

Lentil soup cooked with celery and tomato

Lentil soup is a great vegetarian recipe for real vegetarian (who doesn’t consume fish, fowl, meat), as it is high in protein. Below is just a variation of it, Suitable for vegans

lentil soup



  • 1 lb. each of lentils and potatoes
  • 1 large Spanish onion
  • 1 medium-sized head of celery (or the outer pieces of a head of celery, saving the heart for table use)
  • 1 cupful of tinned tomatoes or 200g of fresh ones
  • 1 oz. of butter or oil (for vegan
  • Ground pepper and salt to taste.

Cooking Instruction

  1. Roughly chop up the onion, and fry it in the butter until beginning to go brown.
  2. Pick and wash the lentils (some lentils need to be soaked overnight in water)
  3. Set them over the fire with 2 quarts of water or vegetable stock, add the fried onion.
  4. Peel, wash them and cut up the potatoes. Wash and cut the celery into small pieces, and add all to the lentils.
  5. When they are nearly soft add all the tomatoes.
  6. Return the soup to the saucepan, add in pepper and salt, and more water if the soup is too thick.
  7. Serve with wine or whole grain brown bread.

6 Reasons your restaurant kitchen should have a pullout Kitchen Sink Faucet

Lately, you might hear that a lot of people are opting for a Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet for their sink. But why? Why are they choosing Pullout kitchen faucet over pull-down faucets or even motion-sensing faucets?

While there are many faucets out there and each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages, Pull-Out Kitchen Faucets are by far the best option due to a number of reasons. However, make sure you go through a lot of kitchen faucet reviews before making the buying decision.

You need to use only one hand

Here are a few reasons which make a Pullout Kitchen Faucet more preferable over other types of faucets:

The best part about a pull-out faucet is that you need just one hand to operate it. So you can adjust the water pressure and temperature with just one hand while you can multitask using your other hand.

You can hold the utensils in one hand and rinse them with water with your other hand. This makes your cleaning process faster and more efficient and allows you to get a lot of work done in a short amount of time.

Spray clean your veggies

It is easier to clean your vegetables and fruits using a pull-out faucet than a normal one. In a normal faucet, you would need to keep your vegetables underneath the faucet and then scrub it to remove all the dirt and germs whereas, in the pull-out faucet, you can simply use the spray to get rid of any dirt and contamination more effectively and quickly.



Can be installed on various sinks

These faucets can be installed easily on a number of sinks with great ease. Since it is versatile and can be installed on so many different types of sinks, it makes a better choice in the long run.

If you need to install a faucet on your old sink, chances are that a faucet with spout spray won’t be able to adjust in the old sink but a pull-out sprayer will easily install in an old sink making it much more useful than other types of faucets.

You can clean outside of the sink

Sometimes there are too many dishes or you need to fill a larger bucket for cleaning, in such cases, a normal faucet won’t be able to help you out since there won’t be enough space in the sink to fill the bucket or wash the dishes.

But since pullout kitchen faucets can be extended up to 4 inches, you can easily clean the nearby kitchen area and fill a bucket without needing the sink.



Makes washing easier

Washing large amount of utensils is easier with pullout faucet since it can be extended up to a few inches near the kitchen area. So in case you have too many utensils to wash, you can simply spray them and then wash them and rinse them on the countertop or the kitchen sink. You don’t need to cram up your sink anymore to clean it, just spray them and clean them.

Good use as watering indoor plants

If you have any indoor kitchen plants, then pullout faucet can come handy when watering those plants. There are many pullout faucets which come with a longer range and will prove to be useful in watering your indoor plants with ease and without much hassle. You don’t need to get a separate can for watering those plants, just use your damn kitchen faucet. Doesn’t that sound amazing now?

Stay tuned on Carolina Restaurant, for more kitchen sink faucets.

5 Ways wine and food make the most delicious dishes

We all have heard that the perfect wine and food combination can further enhance the dining experience. So what pairing should you keep in mind next time when you decide to have wine with your dinner?

Here are a few tips to help you through your dilemma and provide you with the perfect combination of wine and food for those special nights:

Less alcoholic wine with spicy food

Alcoholic content in a wine could enhance the oils in a spicy food making it more hot and uncomfortable to eat. For spicy food items, you should always pair it up with a less-alcoholic wine or a sweeter wine.

So if you are thinking of having some spicy Asian or Thai food for dinner, it would be better to stick with wines like off-dry German Riesling, Vouvrays, etc. This helps in countering the spicy flavor of the food with their sweetness.

Acidic wines with fatty food

Red meats like steaks, chops etc. have high-fat levels and so you should go for wines which have a tannin or acidic taste as the fat in the food will counter the bitter taste of the wine giving you a chance to taste other flavors in the wine.

After deciding which acidic wine you are going to use with your red meat, decide on the flavor which you would like to be accentuated once the bitter taste of your wine gets balanced with your food’s fat. You could go for some tangy or fruity flavor, but that’s completely up to you.

Dry Rose wine with cheesy food

Some wines pair well with some kind of cheese dishes while some red wines seem to go better with another kind of cheese dishes but it’s been noticed that Dry Rose seems to go with most of the cheesy food making it the ultimate wine to pair your cheese dishes with.

Dry Rose comprises of white wine’s bitterness and red wine’s fruity flavor which makes it a popular choice for most cheese dishes. So next time when you decide to serve wine with blue cheese, cheese sandwiches, etc., pair it with a bottle of Dry Rose and you should be good to go.

Sweeter wine for salty food

Sweet wines could provide a perfect balance to those salty snacks and enhance the taste of the food bringing out the hidden tangy flavor making it infinitely more delicious. Make sure you don’t pick a high alcoholic for your salty food else it will turn your food too strong and bitter to taste.

Sparkling wines such as Champagne and Spanish cava are perfect for salty foods like noodles etc. as they provide the food with a touch of sweetness and not let salinity overpower the taste of the wine.

Less flavored wines with sweet dishes

Choosing a sweet wine with a sweet dish might seem like a good idea if you want to end your dinner with a mushy sweet flavor. But if you want to make sure that you savor your wine and food properly without their taste blending with each other, then it is advisable to choose a wine which is less sweet than your dessert.

Madeira or Moscato are a few wines which pair well with sweet dishes without overwhelming your taste bud with sweetness.


See video below to know more about cooking with wine.

Thanksgiving coming up? Here’s how to get your fridge ready

We all know that Thanksgiving is one of those holidays which can be a pain if we don’t do proper preparations beforehand. So how do we prepare for Thanksgiving beforehand? One of the most important things to do would be to get your refrigerator ready for all the Thanksgiving food you are about to prepare.

Follow these 5 steps to prepare your Fridge for this Thanksgiving:

Take everything out

We all know that our fridges are bound to be filled with a lot of clutter, so it is time to take the junk out and throw the garbage where it belongs, in the garbage bin.

Take all things out of your refrigerator and I mean all things and make a pile of things that need to be re-stocked in the fridge and a pile of things to be thrown away.

Once this is done, go ahead and throw the spoilt stuff and clean those utensils. Not only you have more space in your fridge now but you have more clean utensils too.

Wash all utensils

Once you have thrown all the food items which can’t be used anymore, wash all the utensils which were being used in the fridge for storage purposes.

Suddenly you will find that you have whole new items of utensils at your service for the Thanksgiving Day and remove all these utensils will make you realize that exactly how much space you really have in your fridge.

Clean it all

Once you have removed all the utensils and food items from your fridge, time to do a thorough cleaning of your fridge.

No matter how much we deny, we don’t clean our fridge often enough. Thanksgiving gives us this opportunity to make sure our fridge is cleaned spotless.

So take out those shelves and drawers and get down to scrub it clean in preparation for the big day. Here are few to help you do it quickly.


Rearrange your food items

Now that your fridge is clean and you have only necessary items to put back in the fridge, it’s time to rearrange your food inside the fridge. Make sure you put frequently needed food items within easy access so that you don’t waste time while cooking.

Keep the other food items which are not so frequently used at the back and on the whole just make sure that it is not too hard for you to remember where you kept which food item.

You don’t want to waste 15 minutes of your time in trying to search through the fridge now, do you?

Leave place for Turkey

Once you have cleaned your fridge and re-arranged your food items back, time to make space for the big delicious turkey which you will be making later.

Turkeys are huge and require a whole shelf for themselves so make sure you keep a shelf free for them beforehand. Decide which utensil you will be using to store the turkey in and use it for proxy placement. This will help you in figuring out where should you keep your turkey and how much space will be required.

This might take a lot of re-arrangements and move or drawers and shelves but once you are done with it, you will be all set for your Thanksgiving Day.

If you have any doubts regarding, how to prepare for Thanksgiving efficiently contact us here.