Thanksgiving coming up? Here’s how to get your fridge ready

We all know that Thanksgiving is one of those holidays which can be a pain if we don’t do proper preparations beforehand. So how do we prepare for Thanksgiving beforehand? One of the most important things to do would be to get your refrigerator ready for all the Thanksgiving food you are about to prepare.

Follow these 5 steps to prepare your Fridge for this Thanksgiving:

Take everything out

We all know that our fridges are bound to be filled with a lot of clutter, so it is time to take the junk out and throw the garbage where it belongs, in the garbage bin.

Take all things out of your refrigerator and I mean all things and make a pile of things that need to be re-stocked in the fridge and a pile of things to be thrown away.

Once this is done, go ahead and throw the spoilt stuff and clean those utensils. Not only you have more space in your fridge now but you have more clean utensils too.

Wash all utensils

Once you have thrown all the food items which can’t be used anymore, wash all the utensils which were being used in the fridge for storage purposes.

Suddenly you will find that you have whole new items of utensils at your service for the Thanksgiving Day and remove all these utensils will make you realize that exactly how much space you really have in your fridge.

Clean it all

Once you have removed all the utensils and food items from your fridge, time to do a thorough cleaning of your fridge.

No matter how much we deny, we don’t clean our fridge often enough. Thanksgiving gives us this opportunity to make sure our fridge is cleaned spotless.

So take out those shelves and drawers and get down to scrub it clean in preparation for the big day. Here are few to help you do it quickly.


Rearrange your food items

Now that your fridge is clean and you have only necessary items to put back in the fridge, it’s time to rearrange your food inside the fridge. Make sure you put frequently needed food items within easy access so that you don’t waste time while cooking.

Keep the other food items which are not so frequently used at the back and on the whole just make sure that it is not too hard for you to remember where you kept which food item.

You don’t want to waste 15 minutes of your time in trying to search through the fridge now, do you?

Leave place for Turkey

Once you have cleaned your fridge and re-arranged your food items back, time to make space for the big delicious turkey which you will be making later.

Turkeys are huge and require a whole shelf for themselves so make sure you keep a shelf free for them beforehand. Decide which utensil you will be using to store the turkey in and use it for proxy placement. This will help you in figuring out where should you keep your turkey and how much space will be required.

This might take a lot of re-arrangements and move or drawers and shelves but once you are done with it, you will be all set for your Thanksgiving Day.

If you have any doubts regarding, how to prepare for Thanksgiving efficiently contact us here.